Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sara Jean Underwood

Born March 26, 1984
Sara Jean Underwood is an American Playboy model, and a university student

Sara Underwood first appeared in Playboy Magazine not only in its The Girls of the Pac 10 pictorial of the October 2005 issue, but as the model featured on the cover of that issue as well. That cover depicted her holding a football, clad only in a body painting of an Oregon State Beavers football jersey and a painted imitation of matching bikini briefs. She next appeared in the magazine in July 2006, as the Playmate of the Month. In June of 2007, Playboy honored Underwood as its Playmate of the Year, and she's attended, as a consequence, a succession of events at the Playboy Mansion since then. Sara extended her Playboy curriculum vitae in January 2008, when the Playboy Cyber Club presented her as a Playmate Xtra. In March, 2008, Playboy ranked her at #25 for their "25 Hottest Playboy Celebrities."

Underwood appeared in episode #2 of the E! network's series The Girls Next Door, as a Playmate hoping to have her test shoot taken at Playboy Studio West. Subsequently, Playboy featured her as Miss July of 2006. She has since appeared in several more episodes of The Girls Next Door. A season 3 episode mentioned, on May 6, 2007, that Underwood and her fellow Playboy models Holly Madison and Alison Waite had at one time or another worked for Hooters restaurants. Underwood once had worked at the Beaverton, Oregon, location.

On June 7, 2007, a group of Oregon State University women's studies students created a poster celebrating Underwood's selection as Playboy's 2007 Playmate of the Year, and posted it outside Bexel Hall, where it remained in place for only a few hours before Oregon State University staff took it down. The poster embraced the theme and the style of the "Achievement" posters that line Campus Way at the university. The poster read, "Sara Jean: First OSU Beaver Playmate of the Year, Playboy June '07, OSU CENTERFOLD, People, Ideas, Innovation." (Jodi Ann Paterson was the first Beaver to earn the title — in 2000.)

Underwood appears as a pirate wench in the 2007 satirical comedy, Epic Movie, along with fellow Playmates, Qiana Chase, Irina Voronina and Jillian Grace.

"I am an extremely private and shy person. I know that sounds like a big fat lie since I have recently exposed myself on the pages of Playboy for all of the world to see. However it is the truth, and Playboy was an exhilarating way for me to step outside the box and feel completely alive."

To be a fabulous mother and loving wife and to discover a career I am truly passionate about.

Shyness, facial hair and a guy who likes to get dirty and work with his hands.

Show-offs, waxed/shaved chests and guys who say what they think I want to hear.

Wakeboarding & tubing.

The Horse Whisperer. It is an inspiring story about falling down & getting back up.

Assisting in the sales of heavy construction equipment. I had no idea what a backhoe was, but I sure pretended I did!

Garth Brooks, Benjamin Franklin, Cinderella, Lance Armstrong & Susan B. Anthony.

Measurements Bust: 32B
Waist: 24
Hips: 31
Height 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight 103 lb (47 kg/7.4 st)

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