Monday, November 17, 2008

Ashley Marie Massaro

Born on May 26, 1979
Ashley Marie Massaro is an American model and semi-retired professional wrestler best known for her work with World Wrestling Entertainment

Ashley Massaro came to WWE in June 2005 as a contestant in the 2005 Raw Diva Search. After beating the seven other chosen finalists, Massaro was declared the winner on the August 15, 2005 edition of Raw. She won the $250,000 Diva Search contest which included the $250,000 and a one year contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Ashley made her first WWE appearance as an official WWE Diva on the August 21, 2005 pre-SummerSlam edition of HEAT where she conducted interviews with the fans, The Fabulous Moolah, and Mae Young. Later that night, Massaro made her first appearance at a pay-per-view event when she joined the other bikini-clad divas in washing Mr. McMahon's presidential limo backstage.

The following night on Raw, WWE Divas Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson called out Massaro, claiming they wanted to welcome her to Raw. After Ashley came out, Candice and Wilson turned heel and started attacking Ashley. Ashley continued to feud with the two divas who were soon joined by Victoria. Victoria later defeated Ashley in her in-ring debut match. Ashley was later joined by the returning Trish Stratus, who helped Ashley fend off attacks from the three divas. The pair defeated the trio, who became known as the Ladies in Pink (and later Vince's Devils) on several occasions including at Unforgiven and at WWE Homecoming in a 3-on-2 Bra and Panties match. Ashley continued to wrestle matches through the rest of 2005 and was involved in the annual Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal at Taboo Tuesday for her first shot at the WWE Women's Championship. Ashley eliminated Candice Michelle before being eliminated by Victoria.

One of her biggest wins was at New Year's Revolution when Ashley won the first ever Bra and Panties Gauntlet match by being the final Diva left still wearing her clothes. Following WWE tradition, to please the fans, she removed them herself before making her exit

During the February 16, 2007 edition of SmackDown!, Ashley unveiled her Playboy cover. Surrounding the release of the magazine, Ashley engaged in a feud with Jillian Hall over who was the most talented Diva on SmackDown! and Halls' jealousy over Ashley's Playboy cover. At No Way Out, Ashley won the first ever Diva Invitational by removing her top to reveal her breasts which were covered with Playboy bunny pasties. Surrounding the release of the cover, Ashley continued to feud with Jillian, but also began a feud with then WWE Women's Champion, Raw's Melina. Melina was angry over the publicity Ashley had been receiving because of the cover and believed that she deserved more publicity than Ashley for being the Women's Champion. On an episode of SmackDown!, the rivalry was taken to the next level when a catfight broke out between the Divas on the inaugural edition of Miz TV. At WrestleMania 23, Melina defeated Ashley in a LumberJill match to retain her title

“My mom wants to freak out when I do something risky in the ring, but I've always been the type of kid who climbed the highest branch on the tree and jumps down.”
- Ashley Massaro, on being a wrestler

She has competed in Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageants and was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA in 2002 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in August 2004. She has appeared in FHM, Stuff, Maxim, and on the cover of Playboy after joining WWE, though she had previously posed for Playboy under the name Ryan Mackenzie. In addition, she has appeared in both Femme Fatale and FLEX magazines. Ashley has also hosted several E! channel Wild On! episodes and even appeared on Breaking Bonaduce as Danny Bonaduce 's personal trainer. Ashley has hosted Celebrity Death Match and has guest starred on an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition alongside WWE Superstars John Cena and Batist

She has several tattoos, including a black & pink nautical star on the back of both of her elbows; a pink and red dragon surrounding kanji lettering that translates to 'Trust No One' going down the side of her right torso; kanji symbols on the small of her lower back; and a butterfly on her right hip. She also has several piercings, most notably a 'Monroe' and 'Snakebites' on her lips.

Nicknames The Dirty Diva
Billed height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Billed weight 112 lb (51 kg/8.0 st)
Trained by Ricky Steamboat ,Dave Finlay
Matt Hardy ,Trish Stratus
Christy Hemme
Debut June 27, 2005
Playboy Cover Girl (April 2007)
World Wrestling Entertainment Diva Search winner (2005)

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